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Jinmoo Korean Martial arts club was established in 2009 at Strathfield south by master Gunwoo Woo to introduce Korean martial arts and Korean culture to Australian people. Jinmoo Korean Martial arts club expanded to Concord in 2014. 


Our club offers you to learn and to train three different types of Korean martial arts such as Taekwondo, Kummooyeh(Kumdo), and Danta with professional accredited instructors.

Our club also offers you to experience Korean culture such as Korean foods, traditional games, Korean language through social event programs.


Nowadays the world is changing so fast, people gets lost many good spiritual precept such as respect, discipline, modesty, manner and love.

Also people gets lost how to live their life healthier and valuable

Jinmoo Korean Martial Arts will be a great friend and a great instructor to get back what we lose nowadays.  



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