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Here I introduce about Kummooyeh training. In Kummooyeh, we do training Kum-bup(Sword form), Kyuk-kum(sparring), Bae-gi(cutting), Kuk-Gung(Korean Archery), and so on.

Here I talk about Kum-bup, Kyuk-kum, Kuk-Gung.

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Kum-bup(Sword form)

Sword form(Kum-bup) training is similar training form as Poomsae of Taekwondo and Kata of Karate by connecting skills such as cutting, blocking, and parrying with the basic stance movements of Kummooyeh.
However, the difference from that of Taekwondo or Karate is that it is soft and gentle rather than impacted and strong in movement. With these characteristics, men and women of all ages can start training without burdening their physical strength in that they do not put a lot of load on the body and train themselves.
In addition, the delicacy is further emphasized in that it uses a sword, and it is attractive to strive to become one with the sword.
If you perform all these movements continuously with the sword, you will find yourself sweating with concentration and immersion.

*Photo: Group sword form training


A sword sparring is a training in the form of competing with an opponent using a sword. For quick action and response, master the same action accurately and quickly through numerous of repeating.
You can also develop the ability to protect yourself by understanding and learning how and principles to use swords through sparring experience.
Also, by recognizing that it is a battle using a sword, you focus on saving opportunities and succeeding at once. I think this is a great attraction for sparring using all weapons.
It's a training of repeated mastery to make the opportunity of the opponent and me belong to them at once.

*Photo: Kid sparring training



Archery training is a part of Kummooyeh training and is a unique training.

Pull the bow in the correct position, stop breathing, and let the arrow go to the target. A sense of accomplishment is a great attraction for archery when an arrow hits exactly where it is aimed. 

Through this training, you can maximize concentration and improve the muscle's ability to perform accurate movements. It is also one of the attractive training exercises that carry stress away on arrows. Try it!! You will love it!!

* Photo: Archery training at Jinmoo KMA

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