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Here I introduce about Taekwondo training. In Taekwondo, we do training Poomsae(Pattern), Kyorugi(Sparring), Kyukpha(Breaking) and so on.

Here I talk about Taekwondo's big 3, Poomsae, Kyorugi, Kyukpha. 


Poomsae (Form) 품새

Poomsae is a training method that repeatedly mastered the formation of a form by combining blocking, striking, and kicking movements with the standing posture, which is the basic skill of Taekwondo as a traditional training method.

Through this, muscle strength, flexibility, steering, and balance of muscles necessary for Taekwondo training are developed.

In addition, it becomes a system that trains how to use the body properly and how to express the speed of each movement, strength, rhythm, tempo, and confidence in oneself.

We are often generous to ourselves and give strict standards to others. However, the beauty of training Poomsae is to look back on yourself and try to do the right posture and movements until you can

make it excellently. Through this, you become strict with yourself and grow a mind that can understand the mistakes of others.

*Poomsae competition in NSW state championship

Instructor Woo and team 

Kyorugi (sparring) 겨루기

Sparring training is a training method in which I and the other party compete within set rules using stepping, blocking, punching, and kicking learned through Taekwondo training.

Through Taekwondo training, you develop your ability to respond efficiently to the other person's movements by training yourself, improving your ability to cope with situations, judgment, etc., and learning fast movements and skills to protect yourself.

Also, the training and spiritual value of sparring is here.

You learn sportsmanship by competing with your opponent within the set rules and accepting the result.

Based on your skills and experience, you do your best when dealing with anyone, and when you meet a strong person, you try to overcome it, gain confidence through overcoming it. Also, when training against the weaker person, you become a good sparring partner who can compete with the best of your ability and at the same time considerate of the other person and develop with the partner together.

In this way, the value of sparring training I think is that you and I are together, and being together here is development, consideration, courtesy, respect, and overcoming.

* Photo from instructor Ryan's National Championship match


Kyukpha (Breaking skills) 격파

Breaking training is breaking any target by striking it with the correct technique.

To this end, it is necessary to understand striking skill and to understand and train your part of body.

The beauty of this training is that it improves the understanding of striking skills through various training methods

and enables to break the targets.

The value of breaking training lies in understanding skills, concentration, reforging, and overcoming.

*Breaking board demonstrated by instructor Marks.​

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